The Creative Bureaucracy Festival 2020

The 3rd Creative Bureaucracy Remote Festival

Berlin - Monday 28th September - Friday 2nd October

The Creative Bureaucracy is “alive and kicking” and is taking a next step this year to further expand its reach and to show how imaginative and effective public servants and their allies around the world are impacting on the lives of citizens, cities and countries.

There is, indeed, a movement in the making of bureaucrats and their allies who want to make a difference! 1.200 people from 20 different countries attended each of the first two Creative Bureaucracy Festivals in Berlin in 2018 and 2019

We are extending our global reach by building an international network of partners, who together will help create a weeklong experience and get to a much wider audience.

There will be varied formats, from the serious to the playful and up to 70 sessions. We will hear how ordinary people, proud to be a public servant, have made the extraordinary happen when given a chance (“unsung heroes”) as well as the work of government innovation agencies and civic organizations.

There will be stories from the frontline and the lived life of bureaucrats; examples of how business, the civic world, the creative economy and the public sector can learn from each other to be more effective, more innovative and more attractive. The pandemic crisis has generated the urgency to innovate at speed. Things that seemed impossible are possible. We will ask what innovations, improvements or unexpected positive outcomes will stay or will people feel that the old normal is an exotic destination.

The Festival will become more than a one-off event but a longer-term initiative with substantial content that keeps track how bureaucracies are reimagining, reinventing and operating at their best.

I would like you all to be part of what we’re doing so that you can stay in the loop on our and our partners’ activities from the Living Labs movement to Apolitical, States Of Change or the Office of Civic Imagination and government innovation agencies. Our ambition is to become your one-stop-portal for anything and everything around imaginative problem-solving that effects or helps the public administration. We are also publishing a number of Calls for Proposals over the next couple of months, maybe some of those are of interest to you.

Join us on this journey and please click here and use the referral code ‘CHARLESFRIEND’ to register for the festival and receive a free copy of the book “The Creative Bureaucracy & its Radical Common Sense” that you can download from your confirmation email.

Our mission is to help bureaucracies feel more competent and confident to address the big social, economic, and political problems of our time. We are guided by the following three questions:

  • - What is the incentives and regulations regime to achieve that?
  • - How can we enrich the inner life of the bureaucracy and empower people and the organization to give of their best?
  • - How can bureaucracies rethink and refresh their relationship to the civic and business worlds?

In sum: How can we move from a ‘no, because’ to a ‘yes, if’ culture’?

We are now part of the foundation structure led by Falling Walls and the Global Solutions Summit, an organization that tries to think through what the G20 can do.

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The Art of Creative City Making – An exhibition

This exhibition of Charles’ work in Favara, Sicily will open on the 21st March 2020.

Read more about this astonishing location. Exhibition news to follow